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Will you help students attend our From Sanders to the Grassroots conference in the Washington, DC area this August?

This summer conference brings together high school and college students to learn about democratic socialist politics and nuts and bolts organizing skills. Given the exciting year we've had, we have a lot to talk about and a lot of new interest, but many of our student leaders don't have the budget to get to the conference and need your help.

YDS Summer Conference in 2014


Any amount makes a difference! Here's what your donation could cover:

$1-$20 = covers a DC Metro fare to from airport and back
$20-$30 = a bus ticket from nearby
$30-$60 = gas money for carpooling from nearby
$60-$100 = part of a flight from East Coast 
$100-$200 = gas money for carpooling from far way
$200+ = an airplane ticket for our many far, far away students!

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Introduction to Democratic Socialism

December 05, 2017
· 83 rsvps

Join Bill Barclay, Chicago DSA, and Peg Strobel, Chicago DSA and national Socialist Feminist Working Group co-chair, on this webinar for an overview of what we in Democratic Socialists of America mean when we talk about "socialism," "capitalism" and the goals of the socialist movement. 1.5 hours. 9 pm PM ET; 8 pm CT; 7 pm MT; 6 pm PT.

This webinar is free for any DSA member in good standing. You need a computer with good internet access to view the PowerPoint slides, but you may participate by audio only.