YDS17 Conference Fund

Will you help with expenses for youth conferences like our YDS Revolution at the Crossroads conference in New York City this February?

Four times more students have signed up for this year's YDS conference than last year's. But we'll need more support for the organizing training they need. Donate now to bring student activists together to ignite the democratic socialist resistance!


YDS Summer Conference 2016

Any amount helps. Here's what your donation could cover:

$5-$25 = conference packets for student attendees
$25-$50 = breakfast and snacks for a high school's YDS respresentatives
$50-$75 = lunch for a student group
$75-$125 = extra transportation for conference supplies
$125-$200 = chair and table rental
$200+ = renting extra space for all these students!

$25   $50   $100   $250   $1,000   $2,500   Other $

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